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Dan reached for the large japanese plushie that just hit him in the head and was just about to fling it back where it came from when he realized that Phil was still looking like he wanted to murder someone.

“Ehm, Phil? Why are you looking at me like that?” Dan dropped the totoro and lifted his hands defensivly,  like he was being pointed at with a gun. They stared at each other for a few seconds until Dan quickly blurted out “It wasn’t me, though” and before he could stop himself he was snorting with laughter again and this time he was running for it instead of dropping to the floor.

Phil saw his laughing friend dissapear around the corner, locking himself in the bathroom by the sound of it. His mouth twitched and he couldn’t help but chuckle. He was laughing at Dan. He had looked genuinly frightened for a second there when Phil had stared him down. Phil was actually quite proud of his I-am-not-amused stare.

His eyes went back to the wikipedia article on his laptop screen. Precious Snowflake. And Dan said he hadn’t come up with that? Phil wasn’t sure he believed him, but of course he realized it could well have been one of his or Dan’s hundreds and thousands of fangirls. He had gotten the sense that his fans saw him as innocent, cute and harmless. Well compared to Dan anyway… He glared at the insolently large chair. Damn thing, he thought, and his face got warm when he was once again reminded of the degrading incident.

Dan sat on the edge of the bathtub, casually checking twitter on his phone while listening for any sounds outside of the locked door. He sighed and realized Phil wasn’t going to play this game. Had he upset him? No, he was probably just planning his revenge. Dan remebered what Phil had been doing when he walked in on him earlier. He was such a child sometimes, playing king on his throne. What the hell. He got up and sneaked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom as quietly as he could, careful not to disturb king snowflake.

He closed the door behind him, lay down on his bed and picked up his phone again. But he just couldn’t drop the image of Phil standing on that ridiculous chair like it was some kind of throne. And if Phil was a king, he thought, what did that make Dan then? A peasant? A prince? Or maybe a royal knight, yeah he liked that better. He visualized himself in full armour, riding a snowy white horse in a prestigious tourney. Phil was cheering on the jousting knights from his chair-throne in the audience. In Game of Thrones they had tournaments to celebrate the king’s birthday, Dan thought. Oh shit, Phil’s birthday!

He glanced at the llama themed calendar on the wall. Three days! Phil’s 26th birthday was in three days time! He vaguely remembered Phil talking about going to his parents’ in the north when he did his liveshow. Well shit he was probably leaving on Monday, because the radio show is tomorrow and Dan was sure he would remember if Phil had told him he’d have to do the show solo.

He needed to get a present, like now, but when he checked the time on his phone he realized it was too late to go shopping today. It was almost midnight so all the shops would be closed by now. He decided he’d do it first thing in the morning instead. Damn, he’d have to get up early then,  if he was to get it done before they had to go to the studio to prepare for the radio show. There had to be another way. I guess I could always give him something when he gets back from his parents’, Dan thought and shrugged to himself. He then got up from the bed and headed towards the lounge where he had left his embarassed friend.

Phil was distracting himself by watching funny animal videos on his laptop when Dan came walking into the room with a “Hey”, turned on the TV and the wiiU and sat down on the other end of the sofa, at a safe distance from Phil, who ignored him and continued to stare at his laptop. After a minute or two Phil glanced at Dan, who was playing Super Mario bros. He looked concentrated but he wasn’t doing very well in the game.

Phil didn’t notice the distant look in Dan’s eyes. Dan was still thinking about what to give Phil for his birthday again. He had literally considered everything from simply giving him a friendly pat on the back congratulationg him on making it another year, to buying him a freaking trip to Africa to see wild lions. Why did this seem so important all the sudden? He felt Phil’s eyes on him and he looked up to meet the blue-eyed look his friend was giving him.

“Want me to help?” Phil asked casually, reaching for the other controller on the coffee table.

Oh the game! “Sure, I’ll switch to multiplayer.” Dan replied with a smile. Phil’s face lit up and all the tension in the room dissolved. Dan felt a sudden surge of affection for his friend and he almost wanted to hug him. They never hugged though, so that would just be weird, right?

Phil joined the game and soon forgot about the chair incident as he became Luigi and jumped around in the colourful 2-D world together with Mario-Dan on their never-ending quest to save that damn Princess.

The two best friends played for hours, laughing at each others fails and shouting profanities at the enemies. Well, it was mostly Phil who failed though, and Dan did all the swearing. It was like it was supposed to be, like it had always been.

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